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What we do

Matcorp Investments directly acquires equity stakes in SMEs with its own capital with the purpose to guide and steer the investment towards new growth with Matcorp Investments’ managerial experience.

Usually, this guidance is layered through a Corporate Governance structure where Matcorp Investments has controlling seats on the Board to advise and steer the Management Team in their operations and future strategy.

During the growth phase, Matcorp Investments’ strategy is to return all free cash flows to the investment itself, and when maturity of the investment has been reached, the company is divested of.

Due to the unique position of Matcorp Investments as a Family Office, there is no fixed time frame for each investment cycle, and each investment is treated according to its own merits and characteristics. Different industries require different approaches, as Matcorp Investments does not believe in a one–size-fits-all methodology.

For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs who are in Venture Capital phase with positive cash flows and who want to move into the next growth phase, making the journey from VC to PE, are very much welcome to approach Matcorp Investments. Matcorp Investment will work closely with the Management Team, going beyond mere capital investments.

Bridging the gap between the Venture Capital stage and higher level Private Equity players towards a possible IPO or strategic buy-out is Matcorp Investments’ core capability and has been Matcorp Investments’ success factor for over three decades.

Investment Criteria

Matcorp Investments will not engage in unfriendly or hostile take-overs. The greatest interest is in majority equity stakes (typically 80%), but Matcorp Investments is always interested in minority stakes if the conditions are right. Co-investments are welcome as well.

Usually, Matcorp Investments is not interested in outright and immediate 100% take-overs, but a 100% equity stake may be a goal at a later stage during the investment.

Matcorp Investments is not interested in start-ups with no proven business model and/or lack of a minimum financial track record, as this Family Office provides a bridge between Venture Capital and the larger Private Equity scene. Positive cash flows are a pre-requisite when considering new investments.

Matcorp Investments looks at each investment opportunity according to its own merits, but, in general, the following criteria are applied:

    Criteria list

  1. Investments with headquarters in the North-Western European region.
  2. Equity tickets sizes are typically €2-€5m.
  3. Financial track record of at least 2-3 years demonstrating and presenting earning power through positive Cash Flows.
  4. An understandable, logical and scalable business model.
  5. All industries are of interest to us, except for real estate, retail or industries associated with e.g. gambling, tobacco, etc. in which Matcorp Investments will not invest.
  6. Businesses with revenues from €5m-€60m.
  7. The possibility to have a strategic hands-on approach by Matcorp Investments through a Corporate Governance structure.
  8. Matcorp Investments does not invest in the United States of America.

Investment Process

Matcorp Investments has an Investment Committee (IC) that regularly meets to discuss potential new investments.

Each potential investment opportunity will be judged according to its own merits, and a majority vote is required from the IC to proceed during each critical stage of the opportunity.

The IC places great emphasis on Cash Flows, the track record of the target’s Management Team and the strategic position of the target’s product or service (market and industry positioning).

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